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Ladhani Metal Corporation is one of the leading Titanium Fittings Manufacturer in India. Our company manufactures a wide range of Titanium Fittings for various industrial applications. Titanium Fittings are stronger and more durable than traditional steel fittings. Titanium Fittings is a high-quality product with an ever-increasing demand in the industry. Titanium Fittings made by us are used in a variety of industries all over the world.Titanium is highly corrosion-resistant and can withstand even the harshest environments. This makes it perfect for use in coastal or other harsh environments.

Titanium Fittings Manufacturer in India

Ladhani Metal Corporation is a leading Titanium Fittings Manufacturer, Supplier and dealer in Mumbai, India

Ladhani Metal Corporation is one of the leading Titanium Fittings supplier in India.Titanium Fittings are the most comprehensive material of choice in the business and our objective is to deliver the highest Industry quality Titanium FittingTitanium Fittings come in a variety of diameters and finishes. Titanium Trays have a good set alloy medium. It compares and contrasts the properties of aluminium alloys and aluminium steel.If you are looking for a reliable titanium fitting Manufacturer, look no further than Ladhani Metal Corporation. We are also Supplier of Titanium Fasteners.

Titanium Fittings Specifications

According to the titanium fitting manufacturers, a vessel that is to be used for radioactive material will have different requirements than one that is to be used for storing or handling gasoline. Some common specifications include:

  • Specification
  • Thickness: View Our Thickness: Schedule 5S, SCH10, SCH20, SCH10, SCH20, SCH30, SCHTD, SCH40, SCH60, XS, SCH80, SCH100, SCH120, SCH140, SCH160.
  • Standard: MSS-SP-43 Type A Fittings, MSS-SP-43 Type B Fittings, JIS B2313 Fittings, ANSI B16.9 Fittings, ANSI B16.28 Fittings, JIS B2312 Fittings, MSS-SP-43 Type b Fittings
  • Dimensions Class: 2000#, 3000#, 6000#, 9000#
  • Application: Chemical Industry, Water Pipeline Industry, Nuclear Power Plant, Natural Gas Industry, Fabrication Industry, Oil And Gas Industry
  • Coating Fitting Faces: Oil Black Paint, Cold and Hot Dip Galvanized, Yellow Transparent, Zinc Plated, Anti-rust Paint
  • Fitting Machining Equipment: Press machine, electric bevelling machine, Bending machine, Pushing Machine, Sand-blasting machine etc
  • Rating Pressure: Pressure Rating Of: 3000 LBS, 6000 LBS, 9000 LBS
  • Check Sizes: (SMLS UPTO 24”) 1/2” TO 36” (Buttweld 8” TO 36” )

Different Types of Titanium - Available Stocks

Titanium Fittings Manufacturer makes it such that the threaded end screws onto the tube and the flared end holds the line in place. They can be used with both metal and plastic tubes, and come in a variety of sizes.

Titanium Fittings Equivalent Grades

According to the titanium fitting manufacturers, there are three main grades of titanium alloy employed for fittings, vessels and refineries: grade 2 (commercial), grade 5 (aerospace) and grade 7 (nuclear). The choice of grade depends on the operating conditions and end use of the equipment.

Equivalent Grades of Titanium Fittings
Titanium Gr.2 R50400 3.7035
Titanium Gr.5 R56400 3.7165
Titanium Gr.7 R52400 3.7235

Titanium Fittings Chemical Composition

According to the titanium fitting manufacturers, the chemical composition of titanium alloys can vary slightly depending on the application, but they typically contain a mix of titanium, aluminum and vanadium.

Chemical Composition of Titanium Fittings
Grade Ti C Fe H N P O Al V
Titanium Gr.2 99.2 min 0.1 max 0.3 max 0.015 max 0.03 max 0.25 max
Titanium Gr.5 90 min 0.25 max 0.2 max 6 min 4 min
Titanium Gr.7 99.5 max 1.0 max 0.3 max 0.015 max 0.03 max 0.25 – 0.12 0.25 max 1.0 max 2.0 max

Titanium Fittings Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of titanium alloys can vary depending on the process used by the Titanium Fittings manufacturers, but they typically have a yield strength of around 220 MPa and a tensile strength of up to 480 MPa.

Mechanical Properties of Titanium Fittings
Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Titanium Gr.2 4.5 g/cm3 1665 °C (3030 °F) Psi – 49900 , MPa – 344 Psi – 39900 , MPa – 275 20 %
Titanium Gr.5 4.43 g/cm3 1632 °C (2970 °F) Psi – 138000 , MPa – 950 Psi – 128000 , MPa – 880 14 %
Gr.7 0.163 lb/in3 50 40/65 20 %

Applications & Uses of Titanium Fittings

  1. Used in Nuclear power plant.
  2. Used in Hotel Industry.
  3. Used in Construction industry.
  4. Used in Pressure Vessel Manufacturer.
  5. Used in Spool Manufacturer.
  6. Used in cooking oil manufacturer.
  7. Used in Pump Industry.
  8. Used These Fittings In Power Plant.
 Industries We Supply

Client Projects For Titanium Fittings

Ladhani Metal Corporation indicates fast delivery, low rates, and outstanding quality of Titanium Fittings and our organization is a name that people trust. In India, we have delivered Titanium Fittings to various locations and businesses. As a result, we are regarded as one of India's leading Titanium Fittings Suppliers.

Product supplied City
Titanium Fittings in Oil Plant Rajkot, Gujarat
All types of Titanium Fittings supply Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Titanium Fittings Delhi, New Delhi
Titanium Fittings Chennai, Kolkata, Pune

Ladhani Metal Corporation is the leading Titanium Fittings Manufacturer & Supplier in India

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Due to its product dependability and performance, Ladhani Metal Corporation is the leading Titanium Fitting Manufacturer in India. We've established ourselves as one of India's most promising and top Titanium Fittings Supplier in India.

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Our Titanium Fittings are regularly purchased in over 35 countries. In the last seven years, We also accept fully customized Titanium Fittings orders that are ready to ship as soon as the customer desires them.

  • Titanium Fittings Supplier Saudi Arabia
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Titanium Fitting Manufacturer in India
Titanium Fitting Supplier in India